Dental Implants: Stains, Whitenings and Other Considerations
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Dental Implants: Stains, Whitenings and Other Considerations

Dental implants can make a smile look fabulous – I know I have them. However, if you are just thinking about getting them, you may have a lot of questions. You may be wondering how smoking affects implants, whether or not wine will stain them, if they can be whitened or other concerns. I also know from experience that it can be intimidating to ask some of these questions to your dentist. In my dental implant blog, I am going to answer the questions that can be hard to ask. I hope you find the info you need in this blog and that it guides you to the right decision about dental implants. Thanks for reading!

Dental Implants: Stains, Whitenings and Other Considerations

3 Questions to Ask Your Dentist Before Teeth Whitening

Isobel Berry

It does not matter whether you want white teeth for a special occasion or just because you want to flash a brilliant smile while you are out and about during the upcoming summer. What does matter is making sure you get the best teeth whitening experience for your budget. Not all teeth whitening experiences are created equal, and as a first-time teeth whitener, you are unsure how to make sure you get exactly what you need. Before you pay to have your teeth whitened, ask these three questions to ensure you get the results you want.

How White Will Your Teeth Get?

This is the number one question to ask your dentist before you begin the teeth whitening process. You don't want to have a set expectation and have it fall short of what you think you will receive. The biggest factor which determines the final whitening result is how discoloured your teeth are in the first place. Stains such as coffee, wine, and smoking all strongly discolour the teeth. The deeper the stain, the harder it is to remove.

When Will You See Results?

This is also an important question to ask your dentist if you have a specific event in mind that you want your smile ready for. For example, if you are attending a wedding and want to present a gleaming smile to the other guests, then you want to have the process completed in time for the tooth sensitivity to settle. There is nothing worse than attending a wedding and not being able to enjoy the yummy foods in front of you. Most teeth whitening can be completed in just one session. However, deep discolouration may require two or three sessions, and these sessions could be spaced out weekly. Tooth sensitivity after whitening may last up to 48 hours, so keep this in mind too.

What Are the After Effects?

It is vital you know what after-effects you may experience so you can plan to combat them accordingly. For example, as mentioned above, you may experience strong sensitivity to cold and heat after each whitening session. If this does not receed naturally, find out when you should return to your dentist to check if an adverse chemical reaction is occurring. Additionally, despite the best of care, sometimes chemicals burns occur on the gum if the whitening chemical comes into contact with them. Again, a return visit to the dentist is needed if you suspect this has occurred. When you know what the possible after effects are, you know what to be aware of in your mouth.

Take this list of questions to your dentist and start discussing your whitening options now so you have plenty of time to get the results you want in the required timeframe.