Dental Implants: Stains, Whitenings and Other Considerations
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Dental Implants: Stains, Whitenings and Other Considerations

Dental implants can make a smile look fabulous – I know I have them. However, if you are just thinking about getting them, you may have a lot of questions. You may be wondering how smoking affects implants, whether or not wine will stain them, if they can be whitened or other concerns. I also know from experience that it can be intimidating to ask some of these questions to your dentist. In my dental implant blog, I am going to answer the questions that can be hard to ask. I hope you find the info you need in this blog and that it guides you to the right decision about dental implants. Thanks for reading!

Dental Implants: Stains, Whitenings and Other Considerations

Top Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening

Isobel Berry

Teeth whitening is the most common dental procedure in Australia today. The trend can be attributed to the guerilla marketing that teeth whitening products receive via different media platforms. Notably, you can buy DIY teeth whitening products and use them in the comfort of your home, eliminating the need to book sessions with a dentist every other week. However, despite the convenience and cost-effectiveness of at-home teeth whitening products, you should think about the benefits of a professional procedure. This article highlights the key benefits of having your teeth whitened at a dental clinic.

Superior Results in a Shorter Time

All teeth whitening products, whether over-the-counter or in-office solutions, have hydrogen peroxide as the primary bleaching agent. The quantity of hydrogen peroxide in a solution determines how fast it works. Notably, at-home whitening solutions contain less hydrogen peroxide than in-office systems. It means that in-office teeth whitening solutions produce superior results over a shorter period. Therefore, if you have a wedding a couple of weeks away, you are better off undergoing a teeth whitening procedure at a dental clinic rather than at home. Besides, dentists complement teeth whitening solutions with other systems, such as heat and light, to speed up the process.

Longer Lasting Results

The only way to ensure that teeth whitening results last long is to let a dentist perform the procedure. The reason is that the durability of teeth whitening results depends on whether teeth are good candidates for the procedure. Notably, dentists examine all your teeth during and after teeth whitening since it is the only way to guarantee excellent results. For instance, plaque or tartar on teeth affects the longevity of at-home teeth whitening. Moreover, applying a bleaching agent over tartar produces less than desirable results. However, when you go to a dentist, they first clean your teeth by removing plaque, ensuring that a bleaching agent adequately contacts the enamel for optimal and longer-lasting results.

Prevent Tooth Sensitivity or Damage

Teeth sensitivity is common following a whitening procedure. However, the extent of sensitivity depends on the whitening procedure selected. For example, using at-home teeth whitening products increases the likelihood of misuse. Thus, you could leave the gel on your teeth longer than recommended, causing sensitivity since the solution dehydrates the mouth. On the other hand, a dentist first prepares your teeth and gums to protect them from a bleaching agent. They also apply the right amount of gel and monitor the time it stays on your teeth to prevent over-exposure.

Talk to a dentist if you want to learn more about teeth whitening.