Dental Implants: Stains, Whitenings and Other Considerations
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Dental Implants: Stains, Whitenings and Other Considerations

Dental implants can make a smile look fabulous – I know I have them. However, if you are just thinking about getting them, you may have a lot of questions. You may be wondering how smoking affects implants, whether or not wine will stain them, if they can be whitened or other concerns. I also know from experience that it can be intimidating to ask some of these questions to your dentist. In my dental implant blog, I am going to answer the questions that can be hard to ask. I hope you find the info you need in this blog and that it guides you to the right decision about dental implants. Thanks for reading!

Dental Implants: Stains, Whitenings and Other Considerations

  • The Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

    25 January 2016

    In days gone by, missing teeth were usually replaced by removable dentures.  However, in recent years, dental implants have become a popular alternative offered by dentists to their patients.  If you're considering having dental implants, you may be wondering what the pros and cons are; read on to find out more.  What are dental implants? When a tooth is lost due to decay, to trauma, or following root canal work, a gap is left behind.

  • 3 Common Questions About Dental Anesthesia

    7 January 2016

    The use of dental anesthesia has been part of conventional dental practice for a long time. Dental anesthetics are administered to patients before commencement of the dental procedure. Administration of anesthetics is done with the aim of making anxious patients relax. Patients who have never had an experience with dental anesthesia are bound to have a myriad of questions about this dental practice. Below are answers to three among the many questions for the benefit of first-time patients.

  • What to Eat and What Not to Eat after Dental Implant Surgery

    16 December 2015

    In order to recover appropriately from your dental implant surgery, you should choose your food wisely at the same time that you restrict your intake of an unhealthy diet. Why is diet a basic building block of your recovery? Dental implants will be in direct contact with your bone tissue. Dental implants usually take several months to become completely attached to your jaw. If too much pressure is put on them, your implants may loosen and the whole recovery may last much longer than what was originally planned.

  • Invisalign Maintenance Requirements for Perfect Results

    1 December 2015

    For people with crooked, overcrowded, gapped or misaligned teeth, a newer teeth straightening approach called Invisalign is widely available today. Away from the usual wired braces, dentists have designed a more comfortable mechanism of carrying out teeth straightening. Invisalign uses aligner trays made of smooth, comfortable and nearly invisible plastic to straighten teeth. The trays are custom made for each patient using mouldings and X-rays depicting what type of movement your teeth need for straightening.

  • The Steps To Having A Tooth Extracted, And Why It Isn't As Bad As It Seems

    10 November 2015

    Most people are already intimidated by having a dentist appointment. The thought of having a tooth extracted is that much scarier. The good news is that with the use of medications and new advances in dentistry, pulling a tooth is not as gruesome or painful as it sounds. There are steps that a dentist takes to make it a more pleasurable experience for the patient. First, the dentist numbs the tooth