Dental Implants: Stains, Whitenings and Other Considerations
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Dental Implants: Stains, Whitenings and Other Considerations

Dental implants can make a smile look fabulous – I know I have them. However, if you are just thinking about getting them, you may have a lot of questions. You may be wondering how smoking affects implants, whether or not wine will stain them, if they can be whitened or other concerns. I also know from experience that it can be intimidating to ask some of these questions to your dentist. In my dental implant blog, I am going to answer the questions that can be hard to ask. I hope you find the info you need in this blog and that it guides you to the right decision about dental implants. Thanks for reading!

Dental Implants: Stains, Whitenings and Other Considerations

  • 3 Ways an Electric Toothbrush Can Help Prevent Tooth Yellowing

    18 March 2019

    If you love white teeth and a bright smile, yellow and stained teeth can be a complete turn-off. There are many factors that cause yellow teeth, from the food you eat to practicing poor dental hygiene. Therefore, it's a daily battle to keep the germs and bacteria out of your mouth. An electric toothbrush can help you fight against bacteria and other elements that cause teeth to gradually become yellow. But when pursuing white teeth, why should you keep your manual toothbrush to the side and replace it with an electric one?

  • Dental Problems That Necessitate the Need for Immediate Emergency Care

    15 January 2019

    While there are some individuals that will go to great lengths to keep their teeth bright and attractive, there are some people that will only visit their dentist on rare occasion, if at all. And if you fall under the latter category, chances are you believe that your teeth are fine as long as you brush them every day. The reality, however, is that there are a number of things that could go wrong with your oral health.